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Illinois Car Title Loans has worked with thousands of customers in the same situation as you, and they always walk away as satisfied customers. We have highly trained loan specialists to answer any questions and assist you in the process if needed. We take great pride in the fact that our customers trust us. Applying for Illinois Title Loans is a quick and easy three step process.

  • Fill out your application – Online Title Loans will instantly send you a text message and e-mail with your pre-approved loan amount
  • Wait for a loan specialist to quickly call you with all the information you need
  • Pick up your cash at a lender near you!

Best of all, you can apply online today and have the CASH in your pocket today!

Applying Will Use Only Minutes of Your Day

It takes only minutes to fill out the application on our website to get pre-approved for you Online Title Loans. To fill out the online title loan application you will need to know the year, make, model, style, and mileage (or estimated mileage) or four vehicle. You will also give your basic contact information so that one of our representatives can quickly contact you. Online Title Loans will send you a text message and e-mail with your pre-approved amount - and all of this is done with no credit check! Your credit has no bearing on your eligibility for Online Title Loans. You can do a long term loan of up to 42-months, or a short-term loan. We do our best to find you the best payment plan and lowest interest rates for your unique situation. We are so dedicated to getting you your fast cash loan that we'll come and deliver your quick cash to your house or workplace!

Who Can Apply for Title Loans in Illinois?

If you have a fully paid-off car with the title in your name, you qualify for Online Title Loans! You will temporarily sign over your vehicle title for the duration of your loan and once you pay it off, you will get your title back. However, you will keep and maintain your car the entire time! When you go to actually pick up your loan, you must make sure to have the car, the title of the car, and a valid Illinois ID.

Online Title Loans Makes it Convenient

Online Title Loans has multiple locations all over the state of Illinois for your convenience! We know that you don't want to spend a lot of time to travel far distances to get your loan, so there's usually a lender within 10 minutes of your house or less! There might even be one in your own town and you just don't know it. If for some reason there is not a location that is convenient enough for you, we are willing to hand-deliver the cash or wire it electronically into your back - that's how dedicated Online Title Loans we are!

Start Right Now!

You can begin the prices for an Online Title Loan by filling out the application on your right. Filling out this application does not make you obligated to anything. Your filling out the application will result in a pre-approval message and a call from one of our representatives, but it does not obligate you to take out the loan. If you're reluctant to fill out the application, you can call Online Title Loans and discuss any of your concerns with one of our representatives before you fill anything out.

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